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25th Apr 2013 -
Mowers & Remote Mowing

Hayter Limited

Hayter Mowers now have the greenest engines

Premium lawnmower manufacturer Hayter have been working together with engine specialists Briggs & Stratton to introduce a range of ‘greener’ engines onto many models in the Hayter mower range, including the Harrier 48 and 56 Pro machines which are so popular with landscapers and cont...

Lynex UK Limited

The Lynex LX 1000 remote control slope mower

The LX 1000 provides a mowing solution on the steepest most difficult slopes without putting the work force at risk. This remote control rubber tracked machine weighing just 290 kilograms manoeuvres on slopes of over 70 degrees without causing damage to the bank or grass sward. The incredible c...

Husqvarna UK

Husqvarna Professional Lawnmowers: WB 53S E & M 53S Pro

Both the Husqvarna WB 53S E & M 53S Pro provide quality cutting and reliability in tough areas. Designed for professional use these mowers are perfect for the keen groundsman who may need to work for extended periods of time. Both mowers provide the best possible ergonomics for the user, making ...

IPU Group

Irus Quatrak – Designed with inaccessible areas in mind

The Irus Quatrak is ideal for safely mowing high grade and public amenity areas with tricky or steep slope access. The four wheel driven Quatrak operates through remote control, with a range of up to 300m. This is the ideal distance to work with, as the machine always needs to be within a good visi...

Grillo Agrigarden Ltd

The Grillo Climber 75 is a highly efficient hydrostatic mower capable of cutting down tall vegetation on both flat or sloping ground

The excellent weight distribution and special tractor tyres give superb traction under all conditions and in exceptional circumstances the differential lock can easily be engaged. The heavy duty cutter deck is mounted at the front to allow you to mow under low branches or bushes. Tall grass and ot...

McMurtry Limited

McMurtry’s two radio controlled mowers address slope risks.

  Whenever anyone considers mowing sloping ground it is important that they recognise and assess any risks associated with the task. There are obvious risks that include slipping and falling with resultant injury when operating pedestrian controlled machinery and machine sliding and rollover w...

Makita (UK) Limited

New mowers join Makita’s ground care range

Makita has a well mapped medium-term plan to grow a significant market share of the grounds care, maintenance and forestry tool business and has launched a brand new range of pedestrian controlled mowers for contractors in good time for the new grass care season. The new mower range compliments the ...

Lloyds & Co. Letchworth Ltd

Professional Mowers from Lloyds and Co.

Lloyds and Co of Letchworth manufactures the superb range of Paladin pedestrian and Leda gang mowers. Any turf professional responsible for the maintenance and general upkeep of sports surfaces, including those used for golf, rugby, football, cricket, tennis and bowls, can benefit from owning a Lloy...


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