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4th Nov 2011 -
Pedestrianisation & Hard Landscaping

Donbass Limited

Friendly, Responsive, Professionals

Building a bridge is not a simple matter. There are numerous Statutory Bodies who have a say, Design and Technical Approval is complex, Safety Management is demanding and the process is far from clear to people from other Professions. It is easy for costs to escalate to eye watering sums. Th...

Blackburn and Roberts Limited

Best Value Bridges

Blackburn and Roberts believe themselves to be the lowest cost, HA Compliant, specialist, small, steel, bridge supplier in the UK. These superb structures are Designed to comply with BD 37/01 with a Design Live Load of 5kn/sqm m. Our bridges are made from S275 Mild Steel, by coded welders and are...

The Wooden Bridge Company Limited

Bridges in Kit Form

Up to 8m wooden bridges offer the best value. Wooden bridges in both hard and soft wood, for all user types, in FSC® Timber from Responsibly Managed Forests, can be supplied in kit form or assembled and/or installed. ...

Blackburn and Roberts Limited

Ongie Cycleway Cattle Grids

Constantly having to get off and on, opening gates, reduced Rider Satisfaction until the development of the Ongie. Escaped stock because of badly latched gates is a thing of the past Walkers also prefer them. These robustly built, low maintenance, units have revolutionised access and hugely...


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