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25th Nov 2011 -
Snow Clearance

Kuhn Amenity Pro

Salt & sand spreader makes light work of winter road maintenance

Kuhn has extended its range of mounted salt and sand spreaders, adding the smaller Axeo 2.1 with a maximum load capacity of 800kg to two existing larger models. As with the earlier models, the Axeo 2.1 is adaptable for use with salt, sand and grit. This new model has a hopper capacity that can be e...

DMMP Limited

Harsh warning from company boss: Don't be left out in the cold this winter

As a harsh winter is forecast for the UK a supplier of crucial bad weather equipment and products is urging organisations to get ready for what lies ahead in order to protect vulnerable members of society. “Long term weather forecasters such as Exacta Weather and Netweather are suggesting ...

Tracmaster Limited

Tracmaster expands winter solutions

In preparation for winter, Tracmaster, leading landscape and groundcare machinery expert, has expanded its range of BCS snow clearing machines. The BCS 720 and the BCS 740 have been added to Tracmaster’s snow clearing machinery to offer customers increased versatility. These latest additio...

Long Rake Spar Co. Ltd

Getting Ready for Winter

Long Rake Spar are once again emphasising the need to order early to avoid the restrictive supply problems that have been encountered in recent years when ordering Rock Salt. We have seen the widespread disruption caused by extremely harsh winters which are becoming evermore prevalent throughout th...

Parts Depot (Groundscare) Limited

AS-Motor sweepers

If you are reading this article then snow clearance is of interest or even a concern to you. There are many different types of snow clearing machines on the market, snow blowers, snow brushes and snow blades, but which one is right for you? If you have deep dry, fluffy snow then a blower works...


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