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30th Jul 2015 -

Video Spotlight

Makita Mini 4 Stroke Engine MM4 Series
Makita 4-Stroke engines deliver high torque and horsepower. Maximum torque and horsepower of Makita 4-Stroke engines are almost the same as those of an equivalent 2-Stroke engine.

PSD Groundscare

Do you want to mow where even walking is difficult?

Is the incline too steep for you? Is the thick grass up to 1.5m in height and with scrub and brambles interspersed? Do all other mowers give up? Then here is the solution… The AS Motor 940 Sherpa and the AS 940 Sherpa XL have taken the market by storm, taking man and machine into plac...

Makita (UK) Limited

Makita’s New Back-Pack Brush Cutter For Grounds Care Contractors

43cc MM4 2hp 4-stroke engine Flexible drive and robust M10 drive spindle Just 12kg weight and comfortable back-pack harness The new Makita EM4350RH back-pack brush cutter is designed for use by grounds care contractors where large areas of rough vegetation need to be cleared. P...

DMMP Limited

Maruyama BCV5020

The BCV5020 is a true testament to the engineers and designers at Maruyama: With all of the features you would expect from a world class Japanese manufacturer this machine stands out as the only choice!  The unrivalled 5 year Commercial Warranty demonstrates Maruyama’s commitment to quali...

Schiller Grounds Care UK

Take the brush with the smooth

Brush, brambles, weeds and stubborn long grasses stand no chance against the Little Wonder Hydro BRC-26 brushcutter available from Schiller Grounds Care. Whilst it’s rugged and built for a tough life it’s also smooth with the hydrostatic drive making it easy to operate and less fatiguin...


New backpack brushcutter for difficult terrain

Mowing long grass and weeds on steep or difficult terrain demands particularly well thought-out tools.  They need to be rugged, powerful, easy to handle and ergonomic in use - just the characteristics of the new STIHL FR 460 TC-EM backpack brushcutter.  Carrying the powerful, advanced an...

Husqvarna UK

Husqvarna brushcutters get the job done

All Husqvarna brushcutters are designed to get your job done effectively and are easy to carry and handle. The X-TORQ engine in a Husqvarna brushcutter reduces exhaust emissions and increases fuel efficiency.  It will help you reduce the exhaust emissions by up to 75% and will increase your f...


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