21st Mar 2014

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Pathway to success

With water tables in certain parts of the country at all-time high levels it does not take too much rain to render a golf course unplayable, much to the frustration of club members, many of who live by the belief that outside of four feet of snow and six inches of ice their course should be open for play.

Golf clubs can, and do, spend vast sums of money improving drainage, often against the wishes of those very members who think the course should be open 24/7, and this does ensure that clubs can take down the “Course Closed” signs much quicker.

However, there is one part of the course which historically take longer, and more, man hours to bring back into play. The bunkers! Outside of pumping them out, a laborious and expensive exercise, there is nothing to be done but put up the “GUR” signs and take them out of play until the water levels subside.

Or that was the case before the arrival of the Blinder Bunker Liner, a recycled rubberised material which is completely porous allowing rainwater to percolate through the surface in one direction and prevent stones and other loose impediments being pushed through the surface from the other.

In addition to helping to returning bunkers to play much quicker, the professionally-installed Blinder Bunker Liner cuts down on the time consuming day-to-day bunker maintenance which in turn allows the staff more time to devote to other areas of the course.

The Blinder process has recently shown its adaptability by being developed into superb pathway material. The Blinder Ecopath comes in a variety of colours to blend into its surroundings and with its built in rubberised bounce, is a joy to walk on.

As well as offering a hard wearing surface around the golf course itself the Blinder Ecopath is also proving a wonderful option for those golf clubs wishing to resurface areas around the clubhouse, putting green areas and practice facilities.


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