16th Dec 2016

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AFT Trenchers

16/17 Addison Road,
Chilton Industrial Estate,
CO10 2YW,
Tel: 01787 311811

ATF Trenchers supply the world’s leading venues

AFT Trenchers Limited manufactures a wide variety of trenchers specifically designed to work on golf courses, sports fields and amenity surfaces.

The company’s equipment is used by leading contractors, golf clubs and sports facilities across the globe and we are proud that our machines have made invaluable contributions to many outstanding sporting venues including World Cup Football, the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games.

The AFT45 for compact tractors, refined and improved over more than 15 years, is still the most versatile sportsturf trencher on the market today.

For larger tractors over 70HP, the AFT100 with our unique soil clear-up two tier conveyor system offers high speed, accurate trenching, up to 10 times faster than a backhoe or excavator 

The WizzWheels 55 and 75 are the undisputed leaders in their class for the installation of intensive sportsturf drainage systems and can cope with exceptionally hard and stony conditions as well as soft and wet grounds.

The Sandbander has revolutionised the way sand slits are installed on sports surfaces. The unique blade design and oscillating movement installs drainage slits with well consolidated sand, even when wet.

The Multi-Use Trailer with full electro-hydraulic cab control is the most versatile on the market with its ability to discharge to the rear to an adjustable spinner for topdressing, to the front for filling trenches in view of the driver and to the side for filling other machines on the move or to place sand in bunkers etc. 

The Dual Use Hopper is the perfect tool for backfilling narrow trenches with both gravel and/or sand and works equally well with wet or damp sand.

The Mini Hopper is widely used for fast and simple gravel backfilling. It is very easy to work with, can fill up to a pre-determined level from the surface, has an overspill shield movable to either side and can be towed by hand, tractor or alongside a trailer.

The AFTraction is our self-propelled trencher for small scale landscaping projects – such as irrigation, drainage, cables and curb stones.


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