24th Jun 2011

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Smartstreets ltd

94 Sutton Court,
W4 3JF,
Tel: 0208 742 3223

Smartstreets-Smartbins: Award winning litter control

Designers and manufacturers of gum and cigarette litter bins and innovative bicycle parking for cleaner, tidier streets. Thoughtful products, carefully designed to help you achieve more welcoming urban and campus environments.

Smartstreets patented litter bins, gum boards and bicycle parking facilities (Smartstreets-Cyclepark) are versatile enough to go wherever they are needed without adding clutter to the street scene - they are designed to complement existing street furniture by wrapping around lamp posts and sign posts to deliver good looking facilities where they are needed most.

The range includes plinths and short posts for installing Smartbins into lawned areas, pavements and by pathways where no existing street furniture to fix to. Wall and railing mount Smartbins enable a consistent easily recognizable bin wherever needed.

We can help clients campaign on environmental issues too, with cleverly designed pocket ashtrays, pavement graphics, even poop scoops.

Smartstreets products have been adopted by over 80 Councils across Europe - the only system on the market which leverages existing networks or lamp posts and sign posts to deliver cigarette and gum disposal options at regular, easily located intervals.

Independent Council case studies show a network of 300 Smartbins collects over 30 tonnes of cigarette litter (over 7.5m cigarette butts and pieces of gum) annually.

Find out how Smartstreets unique approach to tricky urban issues can help you transform your streets and public places.

Discover how to achieve much more, with less.

Please visit www.smartstreets.co.uk or galleries at www.smartclients.co.uk and www.smartstreets.eu or call 0208 742 3223 e: sales@smartstreets.co.uk


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